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Electronic Engineer | Teacher | Creator | Collector | Photographer | NFT artist | NFT collector | Alias: Cryptosphere | Semiosphere alias Cryptosphere is an electronic engineer. He lived in Turin, where he graduated from the Polytechnic. He collaborated with the magazine "Juliet Art Magazine" (Trieste, IT). In collaboration with the Discussion Group on the Virtual Self (Turin, IT) he published the essay: 'New media art: what kind of revolution?' - Ars Electronica Festival 1998. On 10 December 1999 , in Turin, he unveiled his first photographic solo exhibition. His images are gesture, space and time at the same time; are interaction, nature, form, codes and origins. His photographic images can rightfully be embedded in a new photographic genre that we will denote, from today, as "Generative Photography". He worked as a technical consultant for the Lecce Civil Court and as an engineer in the electrical and photovoltaic sectors. He currently teaches Mathematics and Computer Science. Presentation of Images: A child points something he would like to own and that he cannot reach. A photograph, Roland Barthes asserts, is always at the end of such gesture; the photographer's forefinger and his technological instrument are always lean out towards some forms of territoriality. “My images are an attempt of loosening the liaison between the pointing finger and the reality shape; my art of gesture in creating an image is an attempt to reverse such perspective and asserts, in Heidegger's perception, the central position of the Being in comparison with Language”: “It is the Being who delivers Language to his world (M.H.)".