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    Big Mama Scandal 2


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    Hello Dear Friends, We would like to present to your attention our second NFT collection. Following the example of our colleagues from Megadeth, we decided to create new horizons for our music and present an opportunity for all fans around the world to get involved in our digital project. Here's what our second collection contains: 1. The songs: "You're my Angel" "My Love is for You" "Saturday Night" "Another" "Two Eyes of a Hunter" "On My Own" "Same Old Song" from Big Mama Scandal's 2009 album "By You". 2. Versions of the songs "All This Time" and "Love" from the Big Mama Scandal album "By You" 2009. 3."Come With Me", ranked Big Mama Scandal contest of the Bulgarian National TV "Euro BG Vision" 2007. 4."Lay Down" Mark III - electro version of the song from the Big Mama Scandal album "By You" 2009. 5. Live versions of "Two Eyes of A Hunter" and "Say You Love Me" 2005 the from Big Mama's album Scandal "By You" 2009. 6. Autographed photo for collectors and fans. The songs "Saturday Night","Same Old Song" and "Another" were filmed by Bulgarian National TV 2020. The song "Another" was released by the American music company Perris Records in June 2009. We would appreciate your feedback on the topic. If any of you are interested in making your own NFT collection of paintings, videos, music or photos, please contact us to connect you with our team. You can reach us by E-mail: Phone: +359 882 727556 Thank you!