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Chris Rauch


We live in a world of constant change, where one concept supersedes another. Concepts, images and impressions change, but everything on this planet, in this universe, follows a rhythm. This rhythm, this frequency, is like a sound that vibrates through eons and continues to unfold and develop anew. With my art I would like to give this original primordial language an expression, to cast the language of the universe in precious metals and stones. With my works, I want to give the observer the opportunity to become one with the art object and the universe in which the owner finds himself in the object. In which the contemplation of a work of art encourages the use of one's own senses and let the story of each work be told without the need for words. A language that unfolds itself, increases, tenses and finally relaxes again. The rhythm of life, in which the end of one thing is the beginning of something new. For me, art means that what is created has a soul, exudes an aura that stands for beauty and the highest ideal within us. Because only when we open up ourselves to a natural beauty again, we can express the best and highest within us.