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👆👆👆 CLICK 🌎 ICON ABOVE! Tango MOD APK comes with a creator badge system. For new users, not easy to find the right and original content providers. By watching the badges to new users, it can easy to find out the genuine content providers. The badge system is only available for those who provide valuable and talented content. The application welcomes new content creator and gives badges to make they're proud. Once you get the verified badge, you feel proud by using this application. Not everyone gets this badge, and only own video content creator get this badge.Tango MOD APK gives many features to its content creators. After watching live streams, users can support the content creators by providing rewards. The watching viewer can give support by using real money. The viewer provides their coin to the content creators. The total coins are converted into real money. That is helpful for the content creators. Most of the coins help motivate the content creator. For example YouTube platform, platform gives earning system. So many users can create much content on YouTube.tango cheat codes,tango cheat sheet,tango coin cheat,tango live cheat codes,tango live cheat,family barn tango cheat,tango cheats, tango,how to get unlimited coins in tango app,how to hack tango app coin