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    3D SOL Piggy Banks


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    Please be aware that it can take a few minutes for the on-chain activity to be displayed here.
    3D SOL Piggy Banks are 100 unique Piggy Banks (5x 3D SOL Piggy Banks contain SOL prize of 25% of the total primary purchase price SOL of 100 3D SOL Piggy Banks) When all 100 3D SOL Piggy Bank primary sales have completed a drawing date will occur 1 month from the date of the 100th 3D SOL Piggy Bank primary sale. (allowing for 1 additional month of trading these NFTs based on the final prize pool value) 5 winning 3D SOL Piggy Banks will be randomly selected and those 5 will each win 5% of the prize pool (additional rules/disclaimer will be listed on our website)