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    sn0bs [SZN 1]


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    sn0bs are androgynous aliens, black and white humans, late stage capitalists, anarcho primitivists, realpolitikians, conspiracy theorists. They can be found in trendy fringe Internet communities, limited release cinemas, and biannual NFT releases. Every sn0b SZN, 256 sn0bs will be dropped on whichever blockchain platform we’re patronizing ironically at the time. sn0bs exist as reminders of our own nuanced fluidity and inherent similarities––be it beliefs, fashion, identity, memes, we all try to find ourselves in the same things, yet all it takes is a handful of tweaks to create a billion uniquities. But, most importantly, each sn0b knows the password to an obscure community of creatives, collectors, curators, starving artists, divergent thinkers, and best kept secrets, working together to bring the barter system back to society, one arbitrarily valued status symbol at a time.