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    MCBIV on Solana


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    Please be aware that it can take a few minutes for the on-chain activity to be displayed here.
    Collect all images to recreate a word-unit palindrome poem. This series is tied to my book : , which contains a set of images and links to animate those images. Clicking or scanning each animation link / QR code takes the reader to a blog entry containing the animation as well as links to NFTs of the associated image. I don't believe in favoring one chain over another, and so I've spread the collection across 4 different chains - Base, Polygon, Solana, and Tezos. These collections were created by me on the same day to help establish that I am the creator of all of them. I also distinguish each NFT across chains by watermarking the name of the originating chain in the upper right corner of the NFT; in addition, you can double-check the provenance of the collections themselves by going to - the dates of creation should be within 24 hours of each other, and they should reflect the NFTs which have been minted so far on primary. The primary marketplace on which I created each collection is at .