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"Do You Dare?" is a collection of short stories by author JD Armstrong. Of the horror and thriller genre. Currently being launched via Vaults on Solana. Each AI-generated piece is crafted using words chosen that represent the story. Some of them took many takes and tweaks to get the image that "felt right" to me. A few were nailed on the first take. Each piece comes with a copy of the story it relates to in epub form. You will need to contact me for the link.

Town Spirit


Town Spirit is the tenth and final short story in the collection by JD Armstrong. The image is AI-generated guided by select words JD uses that represent the story. Returning to his birth town might be a mistake, the town has a weird vibe and is unusually spirited in bringing about his demise. Check out JD's Vault for more - Owner of this NFT gets the short story "Town Spirit" epub version. Just contact JD for the link.

Town Spirit

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