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All these monsters are one of a kind. They first made their appearance when I skated for Loadedboards back in 2007 - 2013. I helped design several longboards and my monsters were the graphic. I later had my very own Paris monster truck and a monster shirt with Loaded. I played a fun role in helping develop the stoke for longboarding worldwide and these monsters were a part of it. My monsters are different than a lot of collections because I just don't copy and paste them in photoshop and add a hat to one, sunglasses to the other and come out with hundreds of variations of just one design. These are all unique monsters, that are first-hand drawn with love by myself. After I draw them, they are scanned and colored. They all have similarities, may it be their eye shapes, gangly hands, multiple faces or fat lips. Each monster has a random story to tell so make sure to read their description. They love to people watch and be held. Hope you enjoy my funky designs. If you dig, I have an Etsy store with them printed on shirts.



Gangly Hands

Googly Eyes

Big Lips

Monster Boobs

Meet Boobman. Born with 3 monster boobs, he sure does get a lot of attention. On Saturdays, he loves watching people play Settlers of Catan in the park. He always roots for someone to get the longest road. He enjoys applying shea butter to the inside of his nose to help prevent nose bleeds from the dry desert air. To kill time, he likes to roll up his eye boogers and see how far he can flick them. Let Boobman join your rad squad.


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