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The Whisky Barrel® Scotch Club is an NFT brand authenticating individual bottles of genuine Scotch whisky on the Solana blockchain. Join the Scotch Club when you purchase one of our Scotch NFTs listed here, exclusively on Solsea. Our new NFTs provide you with the chance to immerse yourself in web 3.0 by assembling your own digital Scotch collection. Don't worry, we will also ship the physical bottle that corresponds to your NFT directly to the address provided at purchase. We'd suggest drinking and enjoying your Scotch at your leisure, or you might be buying to expand your investment collection.

Glen Moray 30 #141


No two casks of Scotch whisky have identical taste profiles. No two bottles are identical at The Whisky Barrel® Scotch Club. This exquisite single cask Scotch was distilled in 1991 at Glen Moray distillery, Speyside Scotland, before being carefully selected and bottled thirty years later. With a modest yield of just 152 unique bottles, our decision to certify their provenance on the Solana blockchain adds an enhanced layer of security for our buyers that will never be repeated. This NFT is linked to the QR code that is displayed on the label of bottle 141 as seen in the graphic, this process of authentication is the first of its kind for the Scottish whisky industry. Thus, this NFT essentially acts as a digital provenance certificate.

Glen Moray 30 #141

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