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I have always had a passion for painting. I'm a UX designer by day & an aspiring painter by night. I use the Procreate app on my iPhone to produce the pieces. Collections consits of Bytes of inspiration, Wildlife I've met, Faces to inspire and landscapes to explore

King Protea


King Protea. Surely the best-known protea, prized worldwide as a magnificent cut flower and in South Africa honored as the national flower. Protea cynaroides has one of the widest distribution ranges of all the Proteaceae and occurs from the Cedarberg in the northwest to Grahamstown in the east. It occurs on all mountain ranges in this area, except for the dry interior ranges, and at all elevations, from sea level to 1500 meters high. Painted on an iPhone using the Procreate app. Dimensions: 640px wide by 616px high
King Protea
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