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Humans of the world combines art with micro finance. The first of its kind is a project whereby 25% of the initial sale is contributed toward a microlending fund which aims to donate money to various impoverished nations around the world.

Kayan People


Neck ring






Humans of the world celebrate all the differences that make us human. The aim of our project is to create artwork while changing the world at the same time! 25% of all sales from our NFTs go towards a micro-lending fund which will be used as an investment into poor underprivileged communities across the globe. All royalties from secondary sales will be contributed towards this fund as well. The Kayan people are also referred to as the long neck people for their trademark brass neck rings traditionally worn by its women which appear to lengthen the neck. Some believe the rings are to protect themselves against tiger attacks. Other people believe they were used to protect women from becoming enslaved making them less attractive to other tribes.

Kayan People

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