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Transcending physical Art into transdimensional Digital Astral Art. This collection is a Proof of Art and is linked to the principles of natures´ cycle. Owning one of this NFTS is like owning a tree that produces fruit and seed. Once a piece of this collection is sold*, 10% of the proceeds minus fees goes into a lottery-pool. Every time 5 pieces of my collection get sold the lottery draw takes place with all NFT-owners in this collection. The computer will randomly select a lucky winner, who will get the Sol airdrop. (fruit*) 3% of every sold item* of this collection will go into another pool which will be payed out every year to all my NFT-collectors in native coins. This event takes place every winter solstice.(Seed*) By buying and holding one of this NFTS you own an extraordinary piece of Digital Astral Art and become a member of the Secret Vault Club. This Collection is an ever-evolving one, i will start with around 100 Digital Art-pieces and will grow every year about 5-12 pieces. (*this applies for every original sold item in this Collection, but not on secondary resales) The Floor price will start at 20 Sol and will increase every time 10 pieces have been sold by 5-10 Sol. more information in discord and








Chris Rauch


Digital Astral Art




Gifts from the Universe

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Spirits dictates What ether creates There is nothing of matter That ether not shows There is nothing above That is not below All of what is out It Is within you. No matter that rules, It’s all about you You’re the creator, Creating your life, It’s up on to you, If you suffer or thrive. There is never a reason, In falling into the illusion, It’s a trick of your mind, That cause you diffusion. We are created of matter and a spirit of old. what we see Now, It’s what we’ve been told. A reality fading, a shifting in time, Not a new reset, not another crime. It’s now. The awaking. Can you feel it too? It’s not about me, And not about you. It’s about all together, And all above, It’s not about matter, But all about love. It’s connecting without borders, without genders and time. Just follow the calling And you’ll be fine. We are all sisters and brothers, Healers and lovers. A resemblance of the one. An image that has never been gone. So I call out your soul, The essence of yours, You shall not forget, What’s really yours. You shall awake, From the deep sleep you’re in, And you shall see, what’s yet not been seen. No oblivion of the fortime, Never cycling again, Dissolving the matter´n, And fixing the pattern. There is no time, and no space to be slaves, It’s eternal love and freedom we crave. Let’s create Eden, once again and for all! Let’s kick out the evil, it’s them this time, Oh this time, they’ll fall. This Digital Astral Art is transcended from the artifact-piece ETHER KEY which I created in 2022 under the WITCHCRAFT COLLECTING which depicts the eternal spirt of the Ether and is finally casted into this Digital Astral Matter.


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