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Shannon Kernaghan has always been intrigued by crows – nature’s clown, clean-up crew and survivor. They kickstart a comparison to humans and the similar appearance of these clever birds makes it tough to identify female from male. Kernaghan empowers her subjects with the same unassuming designs in CROW TUTORIAL. Only through sharing similar façades – people and birds – can we detach from the stereotypical comparison to an ever-shifting ‘beauty scale.’ Her practice challenges the unbalanced reality by revising a beauty scale that tethers too many people – through history and through habit. What if the standards are challenged? With conversation and creativity comes change. When the crows finally land, the stories unfold like feathers. Kernaghan’s art has been exhibited with galleries in New York City, Chicago, Calgary, Laguna Beach, Palm Springs, London and more. Kernaghan’s passion is storytelling in all forms – she also writes poetry, fiction and everything between, in books, journals and magazines.

Crow Green 2022




meatal straps

black crow heads

metal washers

black text

Crow Green 2022 oil, spray paint, metal & paper on board. 60.96 x 40.64 x .635 cm. (24 x 16 x .25 in.) NFT size 2178x3370 300 dpi Your crown might be made of broccoli, not jewels, but that doesn’t stop you from moving forward with sass – be greener!

Crow Green 2022

執照: Pub/NonComm
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