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1/1 NFT paper collages. I buy a cheap Georgian magazine and make as many collages as the issue allows. Sometimes it's hard, but it's my way of fighting overconsumption. Chaos and harmony, beauty and ugliness.





"Everything in the world is energy. Energy is at the core of everything. If you tune into the energy frequency of the reality you want to create for yourself, you will get exactly what your frequency is tuned to. This is not philosophy. This is physics." - Albert Einstein The work is burned. From the beginning, I had it in my head that this work would be burned. For two weeks I puzzled over it. There were no useful pieces left at all, and every evening I aimlessly rearranged the cut out magazines over the cut cover. Watercolor came to the rescue, setting the background and allowing me to continue. Blue was needed for contrast, so more blue cardboard went in. The emptiness is original and we slip away, but what happiness it is to be part of life after all.
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