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“The First 100” is a never-before-seen Virtual NFT Art Fair featuring the pioneers and early adopters of what has become the ever-growing SolSea ecosystem. The concept of the fair is immersive VR NFT art trading. What this means is that we have taken two rapidly expanding technological advancements and merged them into a colossal hybrid that encompasses the best of both—the safety of blockchain and DeFi trading, and the immersive nature of the metaverse. In this manner, we are able to erase the boundaries by which the physical world is plagued. The future is blockchain, the future is now! We sincerely thank The First 100 artists for their support and faith in this project!

Hash && Dash Origins


Hash && Dash Origins explores the procreation and birth of all generative drawings of the initial Hash && Dash series. It is tracing back the lines to the very beginning, while bringing a familiar end to the expressive journey. The animation is built from exactly 100 frames, representing the 100 pieces of evolution in both, Hash && Dash and The First 100. An exclusive high-resolution 3600x3600px version of the very final frame #100 is available as owner-only download.

The First 100

Hash && Dash Origins

執照: Repr/Comm
已鑄造在 SolSea
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二次銷售的創作者版稅: 2.5 %
鑄造地址: A12o...GYE2
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