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"WE2023" is an NFT collection inspired by the upcoming experimental short film of the same name, created by artist and filmmaker Igor Tsvetkov. The film is based on the texts "We" by Evgeny Zamyatin and The Diary of Vaslav Nijinsky, blended by a neural network into a single textual work. The "WE2023" NFT collection consists of 1/1 digital assets that are directly linked to the development and production of the film. Each NFT represents a unique aspect of the film, whether it's a character design, a key scene, or a piece of concept art. By owning a "WE2023" NFT, you become a part of the creative process and a contributor to the realization of this groundbreaking film. With "WE2023" NFTs, you not only own a piece of the film's history, but you also help to fundraise the production and bring this visionary project to life. Join us on this journey and be a part of the future of cinema.



H-75_new is a one-of-a-kind NFT featuring the blueprint of a special structure, a marvel of architectural design that captivates the eye with its intricate lines and futuristic style. Own a piece of visionary artistry and support the development of the experimental short film "WE2023."


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