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A unique collection featuring animated digital portraits of most famous people in the world, from most loved to most hated. A collection started as a tribute and remembrance of their contribution to this world. People that shaped the world as we know it today. Each portrait is carefully designed and animated by a small team of enthusiasts.

Nikola Tesla


Famous As



Smiljan, Croatia


July 10



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Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor, best known for his development of alternating current electrical systems. He also made extraordinary contributions to the fields of electromagnetism and wireless radio communications. He was a child prodigy and possessed eidetic memory. He also had a futuristic vision for mankind which is evident from most of his discoveries and researches. He was a trained electrical and mechanical engineer whose discoveries and inventions included the modern electric motor, wireless transmission of energy, basic laser, radar technology, the first neon and fluorescent illumination, and the Tesla coil (widely used in radio, television sets, and other electronic equipment). Though he was a great inventor, his life was mostly marred by poverty as he was a terrible businessman. He was impractical with his money and never got involved in a relationship with anyone. Although he was regarded as a generous and polite person by his friends, he had very limited social interaction with them because of his firm daily routine. He was a loner all his life and died penniless without the accolades that he would ultimately earn after his death. He was undoubtedly one of the most influential inventors of the 20th century whose discoveries in the field of electricity were way ahead of his time. His discoveries continue to influence technology even today.

Nikola Tesla

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