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The magical symbol in this NFT collection is an expression of love, freedom and unity. It shows that it is the time to wake up and be truly happy and free. It was first created by me several years ago while I was doodling and didn’t know what will be the final result. I haven’t planned it either. It was created unconsciously, by letting a pen do its work by itself in my hand. I saved that piece of paper amongst the others and recently had the courage and skills to recreate it digitally. Magical space background gives the symbol its infinity and timeless environment.

Secret Magic #1



blue, red, purple, orange

Symbol color

white, transparent

Secret Magic #1 is a unique symbol that spreads powerful, positive and magical vibrations on the Solana blockchain. Each NFT in this collection has a unique colour and texture that create its own atmosphere.

Secret Magic #1

執照: Pub/NonComm
已鑄造在 SolSea
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鑄造地址: AVii...FJSK
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