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"The Sinister Code of Nightmares" collection unveils the darkest visions of Sofia Alves, the author herself. Within this chilling assemblage, Nocturna, a mysterious presence replacing Jocasta, the AI dream-weaver, materializes Sofia's deepest fears. From ethereal phantoms to surreal landscapes, the collection delves into the depths of the human psyche, immersing viewers in an unsettling journey through the shadows. Prepare to confront Sofia Alves' worst nightmares as you explore this captivating fusion of dark art and the haunting mysteries of the subconscious.

#6 Dawn of Desolation



Dead Soldiers



In the realm of haunting dreams, 'Dawn of Desolation' unveils a nightmarish tableau. As the sun emerges on the horizon, its rays illuminate a ghastly forest made of bones. Twisted, skeletal trees reach skyward, their branches contorted with the weight of unspeakable horrors. The forest floor, littered with remnants of battle, echoes with a chilling silence. The surreal landscape stands as a stark testament to the ravages of war, where nature's serenity is replaced by an eerie reminder of the human capacity for destruction. 'Dawn of Desolation' serves as a haunting reflection on the cost and devastation of conflict, reminding us of the imperative to strive for peace and unity amidst the shadows of our darkest nightmares.

#6 Dawn of Desolation

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