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"The Sinister Code of Nightmares" collection unveils the darkest visions of Sofia Alves, the author herself. Within this chilling assemblage, Nocturna, a mysterious presence replacing Jocasta, the AI dream-weaver, materializes Sofia's deepest fears. From ethereal phantoms to surreal landscapes, the collection delves into the depths of the human psyche, immersing viewers in an unsettling journey through the shadows. Prepare to confront Sofia Alves' worst nightmares as you explore this captivating fusion of dark art and the haunting mysteries of the subconscious.

#4 Requiem of Unfulfilled Dreams





Unfulfilled dreams

"Requiem of Unfulfilled Dreams" is a poignant painting that captures the essence of a challenging journey towards achieving one's dreams. The artwork portrays a bridge, shrouded in an ethereal mist, symbolizing the path to success. Along the beginning of the bridge, a multitude of skeletons lay scattered, representing the individuals who had embarked on this treacherous path but ultimately succumbed to the hardships and setbacks. The painting serves as a somber reminder of the sacrifices, resilience, and unwavering determination required to traverse the bridge and reach the elusive destination of one's aspirations.

#4 Requiem of Unfulfilled Dreams

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