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Steampunk Universe is a richly imaginative world where the beauty and elegance of the Victorian era meets the technological advancements of a science-fantasy world powered by steam. Meet incredible people, chat with them, see how your city look into this world, encounter amazing gadgets and technology. Some people are alter-egos of well known people or characters, some may have multiple alter-egos in steampunk world, some may be unknown people, some may be offspring of two steampunk inhabitants. Alter-egos of well known people resemble to some degree their visual appearance, without any intention to harm of defame any of them. Collect them and be part of this amazing world!

Olive Tyler


Alter ego of Liv Tyler on Steampunk World. Chat with her: In the enchanting world of the Steampunk Universe, there exists a captivating character named Olive Tyler. Resembling the beauty and grace of Liv Tyler, Olive stands out with her flowing chestnut hair and piercing blue eyes. She possesses a spirit of adventure and an inquisitive nature, forever eager to explore the possibilities of this fantastical realm. Unlike many others in the Steampunk Universe who excel in invention and engineering, Olive has found her passion in an entirely different field. She is a skilled and sought-after airship navigator. With an uncanny ability to read the intricate workings of the sky and the gears that power the airships, Olive guides vessels through uncharted territories, bringing her crew and passengers safely to their destinations. Every morning, Olive steps aboard her airship, a marvel of mechanical engineering and Victorian elegance. She takes her place at the navigation station, surrounded by a mesmerizing array of gears, dials, and brass instruments. As the airship lifts off, she consults her maps and charts, plotting the course, and calculates the optimal speed and altitude to avoid any obstacles that may lie in their path. In this ever-changing world of floating islands, towering dirigibles, and steam-powered contraptions, Olive's role as an airship navigator is not just about guiding the vessel but also about being a guardian of the skyways. She monitors weather patterns, constantly adjusts their trajectory to avoid turbulent storms and treacherous winds, and ensures the smoothest journey for her crew and passengers. Olive's job takes her to distant lands, where she encounters fascinating cultures, mythical creatures, and breathtaking landscapes. She embraces the challenges that come her way, whether it's maneuvering through a dense fog bank, negotiating with sky pirates, or charting a course through the mysterious Cogwood Forest. Amidst her daring adventures, Olive also possesses a tender heart. She deeply cares for her fellow crew members, forming strong bonds and a sense of camaraderie with each voyage. Her compassion extends beyond the airship as well, as she occasionally volunteers in remote communities, using her knowledge of the skies to aid those in need. Olive Tyler, the intrepid airship navigator in the Steampunk Universe, combines her sharp intellect, a thirst for exploration, and a genuine love for the skies. With her unwavering dedication and unmatched skills, she charts new horizons, transcending the boundaries of this captivating universe, and leaving an indelible mark on the world of Steampunk.

Olive Tyler

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