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My first collection will be home to various singular art projects that will be minting as multiples of varying numbers. Expect a mix of digital art and photography projects and a bunch of different themes.

The Undead Cake



Zombie Infection

The Undead Cake is a malevolent creation of unknown origin, rumoured to have existed for centuries. This sinister confection is no ordinary dessert. It has the power to turn anyone who dares to take a bite into a ravenous zombie, and even the fruit on top of the cake is zombified. Those who stumble upon this eerie treat are often drawn in by its alluring, sweet aroma and exquisite appearance. The cake's perfectly frosted exterior, adorned with undead fruits, masks the lurking danger within. The Undead Cake has the uncanny ability to beguile the curious and the daring. Once ingested, its curse takes hold, transforming its victims into mindless, ravenous zombies with a taste for flesh. No one knows who originally created this maleficent dessert, but its existence is shrouded in mystery, and tales of the cake's curse have been passed down through generations as a cautionary tale. Be cautious when encountering The Undead Cake, for its delectable appearance hides a contagion that could turn even the bravest souls into zombie-like beings, forever bound to its insidious craving.

The Undead Cake

執照: PersPub/NonComm
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