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Have you always dreamed of it ? we doing it ! X-rated, 3D-Dolls is an open world multiplayer RPG for adults. Soon on PC, Smartphone and VR headset, immerse yourself fully on the paradise island of PEPE. Beautiful creatures await you in a realistic tropical setting. But don't be fooled by the beauty of the landscape, other players are trying to make a name for themselves there and will put obstacles in your way, they might even steal your girlfriend! Your goal may vary depending on the player: - Enjoy a world of lust and sex - Make new friends, improve your reputation - Maintain a long distance relationship. (No more phone sex, just sex 2.0!) - Maybe meet your future girlfriend - Work your doll to earn chips - Win a series of multiplayer challenges to earn tokens - Be a voyeur The project is partnered with several OnlyFans creators to model their characters in the metaverse. Inspired by several popular video games, movies, and series, (Black Mirror, Ready player One, Westworld, Upload, Hunger games, Squid Game...) We develop a plot and story around the metaverse adding a touch of spice. Story In a future close to the apocalypse, nuclear wars have ravaged the earth, people are trying to survive as best they can in a world where privilege, money and appearance rub shoulders with misery and famine... PEPE is an extroverted and totally crazy French billionaire with multiple addictions. He would have made his fortune in the sale of sex toys for turtles. With a bank account that can create the impossible, he decides to create "Doll Island". Dolls island is a secret land of fantasy, lust and freedom. Nobody knows exactly where it is. There are many secrets to discover. Pepe recruits the most beautiful men and women in the world to clone them in order to populate his island: The Dolls. The deal is simple, Pepe promises luxury and security to the recruited people, in exchange, he will create 50 clones and 500 Android who will be used as labor and sex objects on the island. This haven was as quiet as it was perfect, but it didn't suit Pepe. Bored in his secret paradise, he decides to open his world to the outside world. He recruits policemen, but also thugs. He even brings in wild animals. He then organizes a worldwide scratch card game, the lucky winners have the opportunity to integrate the island. Your story begins when you fall on the winning ticket... Planned feature - Meet dolls (AI) - Dredges, discussions & affection - Emote and dance - Player to player dating -Written and vocal chat - Reputation in the form of like: interact and be liked by other players in order to get different advantages - Uncensored sex acts with AI or between players! (In POV and free camera) - Modeling of X-actress or influencer partner in the 3D-Dolls universe (Real person) - Different activities: Nightclubs, casino, bowling, billiards, darts, card game, gym, restaurant, visits, historical monuments, NFTs museum and many others. - Customization dolls: Hairdresser, gym, plastic surgeon, clothing and jewelry store - Creation of a real cryptocurrency (exchangeable for real money) - Purchase/resale of Dolls, Objects, clothes, property and vehicles (NFT) - Complex real economic system of redistribution of the game's profits to the holder of NFTs - Job system with remuneration for your dolls (receive a % of the purchases made in the metaverse) - Story mode: For some real dolls, enjoy a unique story and quests. - Multiplayer challenges : Shoot them up, gladiator fights, squid game, maze... - Private party with celebrities in the metaverse (for players with a high reputation) - Various quests and jobs for players to earn tokens. - Customization of properties. - Scavenger hunt (from several hundred to several thousand dollars of winnings) - Lottery: Airpod, PS5, Iphone... we will increase the value of the winnings until you win lambo. - Artist show in the metaverse (free and paid ticket) - Free to play mode: become a voyeur by incarnating an animal, meet various conditions to be reincarnated as a human being Video of the project in development : Visit our website : Join our discord (And try to win a doll) : help us by voting for our discord server on : Become a contributor to the project :

Indira Common
















This NFT unlocks Indira Common in the game. Only 500 copy (of which 100 burned). Start a new relationship with her, Make your dolls work and earn tokens ! 3D-Dolls.Com, the first metaverse for adults !

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Indira Common

執照: Pub/NonComm
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