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My first collection will be home to various singular art projects that will be minting as multiples of varying numbers. Expect a mix of digital art and photography projects and a bunch of different themes.

Pumpkin Monster


Jacko the Pumpkin King is a legendary and sinister creature that has haunted the town of Phantom Hollow for centuries. Emerging from the depths of folklore and nightmares, Jacko only awakens during the chilling embrace of Halloween. For hundreds of years, this malevolent pumpkin monster has terrorized the locals, casting an eerie shadow over the annual festivities. Jacko's existence is intertwined with the spirit of the season, and it's said that their malevolent grin can send shivers down the spines of anyone who crosses their path. With centuries of experience, Jacko is a cunning and mischievous entity, delighting in scaring the townsfolk with pranks, eerie apparitions, and a talent for mysteriously disappearing into the night. Despite the terror they bring, Jacko's legend is a beloved part of Phantom Hollow's Halloween traditions, a reminder that the spooky and supernatural are as much a part of the season as sweets and costumes.

Pumpkin Monster

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