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Marking 22 months since russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine began, we at Helping to Leave are launching a special project: an NFT collection that consists of unique images and real stories of Ukrainians evacuated from areas of military conflict. The number "22" commemorates the 22 months of the ongoing brutal war (as of December 2023) and also represents the year the full-scale invasion began. We prepared our collection in December, yet finalized the minting in January. Therefore, we added one more bonus NFT to the collection to represent the recently passed year 2023 and the ongoing 23rd month of the full-scale invasion. The tokens are priced according to different categories of evacuation case complexity. Purchase an NFT or spread the word to help us evacuate more Ukrainians who need this today.

#5 The Trip Took Ten Days



Ukraine, war





Before the invasion, our life was prosperous, with a comfortable home and a flourishing garden tended by my grandfather. When the full-scale war struck, we found ourselves under occupation. Three months later, I had to flee with the children, leaving my husband and grandfather behind. Despite attempts to convince him, my grandfather refused to leave, and later my husband joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In August 2022, my grandfather suffered a stroke, and his health deteriorated over time. He became bedridden. The relatives who initially cared for him on a paid basis eventually left for russia. Our communication was complicated because relatives were loyal to the occupation authorities. Desperate to transport the ailing grandfather, we spent three months seeking help from charities before reaching out to the HTL chatbot. To our disbelief, volunteers were ready to pick him up within days. Transported first to a shelter in Lutsk, my grandfather, accompanied by a nurse, embarked on a 10-day journey to Dnipro. I could not pick him up myself because I was pregnant and had children, while my husband was at war. We finally reunited in Dnipro. At first, my grandfather was reserved, fearing abandonment, but as he rested and recovered, he started talking. Alone during the occupation, he now jokes about his "bride," my grandmother, as we all await the birth of my child. Despite the joy of being together, he still carries the weight of sorrow for the hardships endured during those lonely days of occupation.


#5 The Trip Took Ten Days

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