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1/1 NFT paper collages. I buy a cheap Georgian magazine and make as many collages as the issue allows. Sometimes it's hard, but it's my way of fighting overconsumption. Chaos and harmony, beauty and ugliness.





The working title of the collage was Splash. Like an immersion in a whirlpool of feelings. But I wanted something from the magicians' arsenal. Besides, the word Voilà has almost all the letters to make Lov(e). The action takes place in the head of a man wearing a purple jacket (purple is a pretty magical color to me). You can see a colored panama at the top (which again refers to tricks, like a rabbit out of a hat). The flashes of feeling and emotion consist of women's faces. And of course yellow and blue. On the back side I glued a lottery ticket. It adds a kind of mystery. Is there a win? So do the feelings behind the veil of emotion.


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