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A group of merciless Space-Cat Pirates, cutthroat in tactics but big on heart. The second official digital art collection from cartoonist Ria 'Air' Garcia.

Capt. Ken Bonifidae


Founding leader of the space pirate crew known as the Bonafide Bangerz. Ken was once an ordinary house cat before witnessing the senseless slaughter of his human family at the hands of a corrupt government. Having had a spiritual experience as a result of his recovery process, Ken escaped into the cosmos in order to strike terror in the hearts of space-goers everywhere. “Let your broken heart crush the whole world in the process of its reformation.” Art and words by Ria ‘Air’ Garcia. This piece began life as an original gel & ink drawing.

Capt. Ken Bonifidae

執照: Pub/NonComm
已鑄造在 SolSea
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二次銷售的創作者版稅: 10 %
鑄造地址: J6mp...9v7b
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